Whether You Can or Can’t, You’re Correct. 

I find a growing number of folks, especially millennials – not to highlight their socio-economic worth more than the already blown-out-of-proportion stigma we already embrace – have a really tough time with a few things; entitlement, unwillingness to adapt and probably the most important, a full-on scarcity mindset. 

Let’s talk about these in how they shape your reality. First up, entitlement. If you’re sitting around thinking you deserve something simply because you exist, ie. entitled to it, there’s at least 4 other people that are already on their way to achieveming that success way ahead of you. And good on them. No matter what, you have to work. Success is a four letter word. Work. Chop wood, carry water…

Change is going to happen. Sometimes you can’t control life’s outcomes. Most often you can… And you’re always able to control hownyiunreactnto any given situation. So remember that and enbrace change. It’s coming. Darwin. 

I grew up in a home that oozed scarcity mindset. Rightfully so. If you’re a Gen X or Y, you likely experienced he same conversations of “saving for a rainy day”, “there’s better places to put your money”, or “we can’t afford that”. Albeit, sometimes these statements were true, the mindset that there isn’t enough has got to go for you to ever grow beyond “enough”. 

It was explained to me in my career development series when I decided to become an entrepreneur and run my own business as a Personal Trainer three years ago. “If you only sell $20 dollar bootcamps, you should only expect $20 paycheques…” simply put, think small, stay small. Now I know I’m better than that so service excellence was a key fundamental in building my business. Nothing has changed since then but the crest on the front of my jersey… INLIV is a great support team for me to keep bein’ me and showcasing superior value to all of those I am fortunate enough to work with. Check the testimonial page for the social proof. 

Your worth is what others see in the value. So when you want to achieve more; go on that vacation, have a night out with the girl, treat your friends to a game… etc. You need to put more effort and trust in knowing that your worth will self-generate more success (in this case, in the form of money…) and you’ll be a-okay. Just get out of thinking that you need to save, save, save with no intent on ever getting it back. Money comes and goes. Let it go and it’ll come back tenfold. Just might take some time, but hey – you’re living a long, healthy life, right? All you got is time! 😉 

For a bit of help staying on the straight and narrow with mindset and goal setting, reach out to me. I have full on lifestyle coaching and e-fitness packages I’d love to set you up on. I’ve currently got 4 spots left before June. So send me a note coachschwartzy@icloud.com for more info, a quick 20 min chat and some pricing options about what’s best for you. 

Til next time,



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