E1: Danika Kelly – “Haters Gonna Hate”: Stories From A Fly Weight On Gender and Sport

I was able to sit down with a friend, Danika Kelly, over sushi and coffee this past weekend. Danika and I got to talking about gender roles in sport and all of the controversy ensued. Please take a listen to the conversation below and share with someone you think this would resonate with.

“If masculine attributes are the defining characteristic of success in your sport… All of the hegemonic masculine bullshit comes into your sport with it.”
-Danika Kelly

I also touch on a few hot topics in this episode regarding “Intellectual Service”, teach you some tricks on fixing that lower back of yours and then we talk a bit about some happenings this week in Calgary. Music from Edmonton indie rockers, King of Foxes, to showcase Alberta’s talent to round things out for a super rad episode this week. Please share this post and dive in to it!

Have a great week, do something awesome and stay sweet!



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