Embrace Change!

If we don’t take that step, that shot, that jump… we’ll never have to worry about where we land. Right?

That featured picture was when I was on track, haha… long track… for an entirely different career. I was an aspiring speed skater, sights set on representing Canada in long track. Things changed. Imagine had I not been able to change with them…

So many times this past week I’ve had the same conversation with different people in my life; clients, friends, strangers… all about the fear of taking action. It’s a theme I’ve visited before, but I even addressed it in my The Symposium this week. (You can listen to it below if you’re into the audio kind of thing…)

Fact is – life throws you curveballs. And it’s up to you how you handle them. You can swing for the fences, play it conservative down the line or you can watch life pass you by because you were expecting a “heater”. Baseball analogies aside (Can you tell I’m a Jays fan?), you are in complete control of your reaction. That’s it. That’s all.

Take a listen to the podcast if you’d like to hear how I recently overcame  adversity when everything that could have gone wrong, did at the L&M “Fitness For Musicians” workshop I hosted last week. Heck, the podcast itself is undergoing format changes. If I weren’t able to switch my game plan up on the fly, adapt and cater to the situation that clinic could have been an absolute train wreck. I’m working on producing a video to capture some of the highlights and you’ll see soon enough that what was made out of that adversity was a thing of pure, raw passion to help others and really make a difference in their lives right there on the spot.

Also tune in if you’d like to learn more about losing weight. Here are two pro tips to losing weight that I discuss on this week’s episode.

  1. Eat slow
  2. Eat only until you’re 80% full

And I’m featuring local talent. So, if you happen to be a creative – especially a musician – that would like to give a little plug about your upcoming show, events or the like – drop me a line. I’m into closing my podcasts out with a piece from the local talent we have in this beautiful city. Heck, even if you’re not local, let’s bring you on and do it up too.

Lastly, shout out to all my fellow speed skaters competing in Calgary for the Finale this weekend. Huge competition to cap off another wonderful season. Go out and kick ass and leave it all out there. If you happen to have time and want to share your experience, please – drop me a line. I’m hosting interviews to add to my podcast lineup, share your story and expose your super crazy work ethic and drive for success.


Check it all out here.



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