Tiny Baby Fitness 

This one comes from the heart. I spent part of the weekend out at my folks’ farm for my birthday, I got to hang out with my awesome nephew and niece, brother, mom and dad. We ate ribs. More importantly, I studied the movement patterns of my way too energetic two year old nephew, Zane. 

I came up with these few conclusions:

  • Infant movement patterns (in this case toddler) are king in functional fitness. 
  • Core stability is absolutely quintessential in developing strong, consistent movement patterns laternin life.
  • Natural progression of most stabilized movement positions to least stabilized movement positions is vital to proper growth and development (as the adage: walk before you run) 
  • Kids know how to have fun. 

Though the last one may seem lighthearted, and it is, it’s the most important. I even tried teaching some of the basic movements I saw Zane just kill on the weekend, yesterday and today with some friends and clients respectively, and much to my surprise the adults couldn’t perform like a two year old. 

Crazy, right? Here’s the key – I think adults have to take a more creative and relaxed approach to life in order to be able to bend, twist, push, pull and squat their way into greatness… like a two year old. 

Think about it. Infants and toddlers have no self-awareness. They just go from what they observe, what is natural and fight their way through movement without injury and oftentimes with more grace than an Olympic athlete. 

We lose that ability in performance somewhere along the way. 

Stay tuned next week for a look at how this can be. 


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