The Only Three Steps To Making Change.

It sounds so simple. And it is. Oftentimes we get stuck in this victimized state of mind where we feel everything is against us, no one wants to be our friend and the world hates what we are doing. Everyone is out to get us. We didn’t get the promotion because the boss doesn’t like our suit, the girl next door gets all the boys because she’s so skinny, and your mother didn’t call you on your birthday because you’re just not her favourite.

Okay, these are all blasphemy, but I’m sure yo get my point. If you don’t like something that’s going on in your life, you – and only you – have the power to change that. So, do just that. Change.

I talk about it as my second pro tip in the week’s #TheSymposium episode, so click the player and listen right here if you’d prefer. Otherwise, read on…

Three Only Three Steps To Making Change

  1. Identify
  2. Take action
  3. Recalibrate
  1. Identify:images-1

    The first bit is really just as it sounds. In order to fix a problem, you must first recognize (and admit.. holy, this sounds like another 12 step program…). So, identify the problem and we’re on to number two…

  2. Take Action: images-2

    I believe this is the most crucial of the steps. We tend to stay paralyzed in a zone of comfort. If you feel as though you might be a habitual comfort-zoner, ask yourself “How’s that working for ya…” Newsflash – only creatures of mediocrity exist in comfort. Get out of your comfort zone. Jump. You’ll find progress. You’ll find expansion and you’ll find success outside of what you’re comfortable in. So, take a leap and then become a warrior in the battle of figuring out where you land. Until you jump you’ll never have to worry about sticking the landing. And the French judge won’t care either way… you’ll still get a 7.3…

  3. Recalibrate: unknown
    Congrats! You jumped! No what, right? That’s what this step is for. Life is constantly going to throw the proverbial curveballs your way, it’s your job to react appropriately. Expect the unexpected. It makes life fun too if you can embrace this. Who really wants everything to always go the way it’s planned. There’s no room for growth and creativity that way. Get creative, problem solve, laugh at yourself and don’t become too serious about, well, really anything. Live. Love. Laugh. Shit’s gonna happen. You’re gonna deal. All good in the hood, mmmmkay!? Mmmmkay.

There we have it. Your personal game plan to address situations you’re not diggin’. The big secret? Get out of them. Hope this helps, please share and subscribe to the podcast if you are liking the words and the thoughts and the idea of creating a movement of influence.

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