Think Big. Move Slow.

You CAN do everything. Do not subscribe to the myth that you can’t do everything, because it’s just not true.

There’s a lot that goes in to life… and to dream is to live. For those of you “realists” out there, get out of your own way. What’s reality anyways? If you’re reading this it’s what you make it. Reality is thoughts plus action. So create it. Live. Dream! Be inspired and chase after whatever it is that you want right now!

Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not the New year. Chase it right now.

Imagination wouldn’t be a word if we were tied to a realistic point of view. Go crazy. Think of the wildest thing you could possibly do and then go out and do it.

I am of the camp that we are completely in charge of how we move with the hand of cards we are dealt. So, make the most of it. Where others see struggle, problems and conflict – you see opportunity. Make things happen. Receive the love and give it right back to those around you and your community. You’ll become a better human because of it.

Think Big. Move Slow.

You can pursue it all. Just not at once. Try chasing two bunnies… let me know how that goes. Focus your intent with daily habits, a clear vision and deep care and mindfulness each and every day.

I like to write in my Raditude journal every day. Just three things i’m grateful for. They are always rad. Hence the name. I’m creating a vision board this week and will have snippets of magazines, my 25 year plan and a bunch of things that keep me on track, in focus and purposeful in my daily actions. I am part of the tribe. Create space. Use your Groovement and keep your Raditude. Stay in the pocket. Sit back and watch it unfold. Trust yourself and  just keep going.

Check the link for this week’s PPLSKLZ RADIO podcast! We’re now on iTunes so go out and share with those that really need to hear the words “Think big. Move slow.



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