What’s Your “Zero”?

Seriously. I want you to imagine what exactly it is that’d define you as a broken mess. A friend of mine described her 20% as the Enterprise after a crippling fight and all auxiliary power has been diverted to the life support systems. So what’s 20% worse than that?

If you’re feeling like you have no time, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like everything is coming down on you at once you are one of many that I would strongly encourage away from the “scarcity-mindset”. The feeling that you “have not”. Rather, lets get abundant and “have a lot”.

Scarcity is bullshit. And I will not apologize for that. We are completely capable of two streams – positive or negative. Every reaction is going to fall under one of those two.

Let’s check this theory out. I’m going to use the example I see most often in the gym, kitchen and generally with regards to goal setting and personal development. I see a lot of folks quit before they even start. It’s too far away. “It” being their ideal world. Ideal body. Ideal look…etc..etc… Unfortunately, we don’t consider ideal mindset right off the hop.

I come back to the title. What’s your zero? What’s the absolute worst thing that you could possibly be? (asides from dead, or maybe.. that is your zero…) Once you figure that out, how much better you are right now? It could be 20% 5% 75%… anything. It’s your number. And it’s meant to be subjective. Base it off of your feelings, your energy, your strength and your vitality.

Get a number yet?


Now, focus on better yourself 1% each day.

Even if you’re 20%, hell – 10%. That’s only 90 days away. A little less intimidating, right?

Give yourself the time to build things on a daily basis. Be gentle on yourself. Focus on the behaviours. Don’t worry about the end game. It’ll happen if you put the work in each day and work to improve yourself by just 1% each day. Progress. Not perfection.

Focus on one step at a time rather than that whole staircase. You got it.



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