Beautiful Midnight

The snow falls so peacefully. So close,

And lays a solid crunch under his boots.

That soft reminder of the few years past,

Of how easy it is to become naive of the power of closeness.

The snow doesn’t fall in perfect time, it goes unchallenged by most passers by

It knows no opposition, everyone loves its cold, persuasive, often self-loving charm

Nor does it lay with poise,

It’s natural beauty deceives even the shrewdest of negotiators

But as he crunches along, alone with his two best friends, himself and his pup

He’s got one thing for sure on this icey snake, this trickster of the winter

As he is not falling

The snow may be magnificent, powerful, alluring even…

And it can be…

But it’s falling. And when it falls. It makes contact with reality and is subject to two fates –

To lay as background to children,

Or to be trampled under foot as he and his dog continue on down the road.


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