Get out your own head. Get out of your own way. Create space.

It’s a term used primarily in footy, or soccer as we know it in North America. Create space. 

As in, make room for what could happen. Open up the door of opportunity. The positive attraction of what you want and what you deserve. Leave it all out on the pitch. But create the space you need, and your team needs in order to push yourself to excellence. 

I owe a huge shout out to a man who has helped me reach new areas of self-discovery, purpose and drive I had no idea even existed. Wes Knight, you are one hell of a human being. 

For those of you who don’t know, Wes hosts a podcast called Creating Space (find it on iTunes here, or check out his website – currently getting a facelift to keep up to all the rest of his awesomeness… so check back soon or find him on twitter and insta @wesleytknight) I’d highly encourage you to get learned in the school of positive self-development to start your week with a Mindset Monday and a slew of amazingly inspiring and captivating guests every Thursday. 

The dude has helped to change my outlook on life in what seemed to be a rough patch just about 6 weeks ago. I had some choices to make, so I reset, took a different stance on what was happening, took OWNERSHIP of my actions and started to shape my thoughts. All with the helpful guidance of Wes and his guest’s words and the incredibly accessible and authentic person that is behind the mic, not just spitting words at you, but truly believing and living the movement that he’s preaching. Unbelievably authentic. 

To think that a player I respected and followed in the early days of the Whitecaps, now going on to having daily conversation with…asking for guidance and listening to whom I’d consider a hero of mine, totally makes you see how real life actually is. We are all just infinitesimal at the core, but it’s really nice to feel a part of such a special movement. I know you’re not technically my coach, but hell dude, you are totally the best coach. You lent me light to see in the dark what I already knew. The best coaches just let their guys go, so thank you. 

Wes, what you’re doing is truly magic, man. I borrow and share a lot of your insight out of mad respect and I am proud to be a part of your tribe. The Creating Space Movement is something I am deeply passionate about to the core. Keep on! 

This SnapBack in the picture below is more than a hat. It represents my constant shift to owning my actions and gives me a constant reminder to always create that space around me. We are 100% capable of changing the outcome just by how we react to any given situation. It’s how you handle your shit. Whether you think you can or you cannot. You’re right. 

Be you. Love you. Go out and get just exactly what it is you want. 

Create Space. 


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