On: Legacy

How do you want to be remembered?

This post comes on the heels of some pretty emotional times for myself… and I am aware that it may strike a chord with you. I’m hoping for that. Because like I mentioned last week, Thoughts + Action will shape our Reality. Think of me as just being the guy pushing you, the snowball… up the hill. That’s my job.

And that’s what I’m here to discuss today. What the eff am I doing here?

Happy to say I figured it out. I am an influencer. I embrace change, adapt and thrive in otherwise stressful situations. Why? In order to stay engaged in what I’m doing. People are always changing, situations around us are always changing and if at the molecular level our body’s are meant to change, I believe our vision, our path our thoughts, feelings and course of direction can, and should, too.

I’m here for a greater good. To inspire others to become that absolute best that they can be. So, ask yourself. Why are you here? What is your calling?

If you don’t know, that’s totally okay. You’re allowed that. I actually think it’s better that you don’t just bullshit it and really dig in until you know. And you’ll know when you know. Just take that step and try things.

I was having this conversation (well, as much of a conversation one can have through text) with a friend and she happened to mention ” I have no idea what I want to do…” That, in my line of work as a trainer, health coach, motivational speaker etc is a fairly common response I get when asking “What are your goals…?” But for life? Actually, yeah. A lot of us don’t have a friggin’ clue…

So what do we end up doing? Tell me if this sounds like you:

In North America anyways, the prototypical youth is marked by graduating high school, applying immediately to college or university to establish a stable income from a highly accredited institution in hopes of landing that big pension after 25 years of service with a great company. Meanwhile, you’ve gotten married at 23, raised a family by the time you’re 30 and now you’re out of shape or worse, unhappy or worse and left wondering “where did my life go”.

Hamster wheel, much?

I challenge you to think clearly and pursue your “why”; your purpose and what really fills your heart with undeniable love and joy. Success is relative. for some it is the big cars, fancy watches and endless hours of rooftop pool parties (… I think)

For a strong majority of us, I’d argue it isn’t. I’d argue deep down we have a connection to do something in life that brings more meaning and more joy than words can describe.

What burns you up? What makes you so filled with raw, anger you can’t take it anymore? That’s a good sign that your mission is to fix that particular thing, or bring some sort of justice at least so you don’t wanna burn your house down just thinking about it.

For me, that answer was that I just strongly dislike negativity. I don’t believe or subscribe to the bullshit “I don’t have time’s”, “I can’t’s” or “”my _____ won’t let me..” or whatever the eff all excuses are out there. I wouldn’t be here if I leaned that way, and my mission is to help others see that they can change that too, if they want.

Back to passion….

Think of it this way. Have you ever said “I can’t wait for Friday?”

And for you may say that for whatever reason, I’m not here to judge – maybe it’s cause you can’t wait to get out and hike that trail, or get to the mountains to snap beautiful photos or sit down and learn that song on guitar… whatever it is. Stop and consider… could that possibly lead you to success? Think about how amazing that would be…

Instead of thinking of it in this light “What do you have to lose…”


“Look at how much I have to gain!”

Chase your passions. Live free of regret. There’s one thing I know and it’s this:

Whether you can or you can’t do something, that’s for sure. I challenge you to take that step today.


PS. Join in the conversation! I’m going to reference this post tonight on my Facebook LIVE Series The Symposium which goes live at 8:15pm (MST) tonight HERE where I will continue the discussion on “Legacy”, how I want to be remembered. I’ll also share my experience and an inspiring story from a 16 year I learned so much from in such a short amount of time, my buddy, no longer here, but with me forever – Karsten Huth.

My memory of Karsten and his legacy will forever be engrained by these words:

“Have fun and be silly. Try new things.” -KH


Miss you, buddy.


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