The Tablecloth

Ever seen that magic trick where the dude pulls the tablecloth out from under the dining set, salt, pepper, fruit basket and whatever else might be on the table? Pretty impressive… all at once… and nothing comes crashing down…

That’s how I feel some of us have situations happen to us. Lately, it’s been happening to a lot of people close to me. Everything, usually negative circumstances, happen to them all at once within a relatively short window of time..we’re talking a week or two. Pet gets sick, work slows down, people get cut from the office, you hope it’s not you, but then the car breaks down, you get sick or get some food poisoning, you lose your appetite and your brother lost his job and he needs to stay with you for a week… but you can’t get to work now so you have no more money. STRESS.

Not be the devils advocate (or just plain cruel and heartless…) but YOU’RE ATTRACTING THIS NEGATIVITY TO YOUR LIFE.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

The Tablecloth Theory is one of circumstance. But you’re the magician. Not life. This is not happenstance or coincidence. This is why something so seemingly impossible is done. Is it magic? Sure, let’s call it that. But you sure as all hell don’t have to be a magician. You just wanna flip the switch to flip your outcomes.

To say that this is all just bad luck and to say that you had no choice or opportunity to change the outcome may be true, but how you react after one or two of the events could have had a significant role in how the Tablecloth Theory played out… agree?

When something happens to you, you CHOOSE to react. React negatively (get mad, blame others, fail to take ownership…) and you’re creating a negative space. Misery loves company, and before you know it, number two shitty thing happens to you…Ripple effect in full force because of course you’re thinking “why me?!” and the victim card gets pulled… BOOM! Number three…


Proactive thinking. You can prepare yourself a bit better for things like sickness (take care to eat well, sleep, meditate, exercise…)


I’m not naive.

Shit happens. Shit we can’t predict. That’ll always be though, so it’s important to reflect and take ownership and stay out of the negative tailspin so many of us get into…


Think about the opportunity that’s presented itself. Embrace the challenge of overcoming adversity. Put shit in perspective. Yes, your car is broken down. Damn, how inconvenient….

Now you can save the money you would spend on fuel for fresh groceries at the local market on your bike ride or walk home from the job that you still have. Plus you got some great exercise, were outdoors living in the beautiful world and you probably forgot your headphones, so you had a great conversation with a complete stranger in the produce aisle. They taught you what to look for when selecting a pineapple.

Yeah, terrible life you live.

The Tablecloth is meant to be pulled, let’s face it. Embrace that challenge of life. It might go shitty until you practice a few times, but learning how to juggle is the same. Trust me though, with less objects on the table you’ll be more successful.

Lesson – be mindful as to how much shit is on your table. Start small, be proactive and then when you’re confident you can take more on. Boom.

It’s not as bad as you think if you just let your attitude and behaviours shape your circumstance.

Go out and be magical this week.



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