Press Pause: Mindfulness In Its Fullest Part 1 – New Years. And How To “Deal” With It At The Gym

What’s the hype about meditation, mindfulness, and other airy-fairy, hippy-talk such as manifesting, affirmations and positive self-care, self-talk and all this be the best version of yourself business all about?


It still surprises me to see any type of resistance towards any of this quite clearly positive stuff, but I still see it. A perfect example just happened to me.

Scrolling through Instagram, checking out what my friends are saying, seeing what’s up in their lives and then WHAMMY! This happened…


You read that right. An old friend is just hating on the New Years Resolutioners. You know, the typical crowd that swarms the gyms across the countryside in search of nothing more than false aspiration that “this year will be the one…” and to do nothing at all but just get in the way to all of us regular, fit, normal, great, PRETENTIOUS, gym-goers. That’s right. I’m calling those who hate on the Resolution crowd out. I think it’s completely ignorant, selfish and pig-headed to have this train of thought. Here’s why…

Let’s examine the facts. There’s an influx of people taking care of themselves and you’re going to get mad? Are you out of your mind? Sit on this for awhile. Let it stew. Revisit it if you think this way, because I hope you continue to read, maybe even get mad and defensive towards my argument. You are the person this post is aimed at. I hope you practice some sort of meditation. And if so, I sincerely commend you. If not; here’s another stinger:

“Everyone should meditate for ten minutes each day. Except those who don’t have time. They should meditate for an hour.” – Calvin Wayman

For those of us that are intolerant towards others trying to better themselves I think it’s a by-product of two things

  1. You just don’t know – and that’s okay, so long as you know that you don’t know. Stick around because you might have a change in attitude by the end of this post. Or don’t ignorance is bliss. But then you fall into category number two, as listed below…
  2. You just don’t care – unfortunately, this is where most of the folks that are intolerant towards the New Years Resolutioner’s are. And I’m coming from good background, as I’ve been a part of 10 of the annual “Hate On Resolutioner’s” anniversary and I think it’s about time I take action (you’ll hear a lot about taking action in the coming posts too..)

What Does It Mean To Be Mindful?

So here’s how mindfulness plays a part in all of this. And it could go off the rails so we’ll examine just a couple specifics this time, digest and come back to more mindfulness in other aspects of life.

Mindfulness to me is all about pausing yourself. Pressing pause on life for just a moment so you can observe your surroundings. Enjoy your place in the present moment. Stop hyper-analyzing everything that’s going on around you. Breathe. Connect. Listen. Watch. And take it all in. All of this comes before you react.

Now, anyone who’s read a bit of my literature before knows I’m pretty biased towards the paraphrased saying “We are in complete control of every situation we are faced with merely by how we choose to react…”Well, think of the gym in January as your opportunity to change that situation if you’re the typical regular that HATES New Years.

Pause. Understand that these people are here to better themselves and should not be shamed, guilted, ridiculed or otherwise intimidated from doing so. That’s just a dick move, so if you’re feeling this way – start to change your mindset.

If you’re excited, like I am every New Year about the tons of new faces, eager to better themselves and their lives and thus the lives of loved ones all around them, then just keep doing what you’re doing. Greet them, offer them a hand, start to get to know and welcome these new friends into your life at the gym. It’s a betterment facility. Only hurt people hurt people, so if you find yourself irritated at the sharp increase of traffic near YOUR squat rack… you’d better flip the switch. You have the choice.

The Significance of Meditation

Now, with mindfulness there’s many ways to achieve this higher state of self-awareness. I’d encourage meditation. And no, it doesn’t have to be a kumbaya-sit-by-the-fire-with-your-eyes-closed-wearing-tweed-beanies-and-capris-after-you-dreadlock-your-hair… you can take 5 minutes to lay face up in bed and focus on your breath and the sounds around you, or you can go for a walk through a park, or you can enjoy prepping and cooking a meal. All of these things count. It’s getting to a state where you’re better able to turn off, press pause and collect information about what’s going on around you.

Everyone’s different, so play around with it. It’s a race against only yourself though, so take it step bey step. And know that it’s okay to miss a few steps here and there. Start incorporating a little more mindfulness into your daily routine and things like busy gyms full of like-minded individuals that are collaborating in order to become better versions of themselves might not bother you so much anymore. Hell, you might even start to remember that time when you were just like them, just working on bettering yourself.

Make someone smile today. Be your best. Take action.





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