Should you workout or should you “work in”?

Everybody tends to get caught up in the media’s portrayal of what it means to be fit and thus catered to the lifestyle of “go, go, go!”

But I want to raise the question, “should we take another look at health?”

Maybe there’s another way…

This post comes from my experience in restorative strength training, straight from the crew at The CHEK Institute (you should “chek” ’em out…-ha ha-). It’s a part of the training modality that I now exclusively offer here in Calgary, at My Body Couture.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Working Out

  • Catabolism – (aka the breakdown of tissue)
    • generally we get enough catabolism just from the daily stressors we are exposed to. Work stress, poor diet, focus on deadlines an task oriented hustle-bustle lifestyle and limited “self-reflection” through out the work day. There’s rarely any meaningful interaction and our relationships are geared towards business, quotes and getting the job done. Not very peaceful when you think about it, eh?
    • Why on earth would we subject our poor bodies to more of that with the break down of more tissue by heading to the spin class after work or zumba in the evening? That’s more breakdown! Do you ever want to build up? The facts – yes, science and physics and math and all that good stuff we learned in high school- tell us recovery is where we make our gains, not in the breakdown process. o, that said, no matter what your health and wellness goals are, if you’re stringing yourself out too far, you’ll never even come close to achieving them.

Working In

  • Anabolism (aka, growth and repair of tissue – In a nut shell, the opposite of working out)
    • Actively you can achieve this type of response in your body by pursuing things like yoga, stretching, meditation, “zone energizers” (I’ll discuss these guys later in another article…)
    • This type of response helps to quell the firestorm your body went through all day, (all week, all month, all year, all your life…etc) and helps to balance the in vs. out and sets your stress levels straight. You’re more able to concentrate, relax and be productive if you’re not super high-strung, right? So, this is why anabolic or restorative exercise is an alternate I like to incorporate with a vast majority of the people I’m working with. Once we level the stress in our day to day lives, we are much better able to recover and lose those last 10lbs we’ve put on from all the rum and eggnogs around the holidays….

So, quick recap! If you’re feeling the heat of the holidays, the stress of work, relationships and everything else that happens a million miles a minute in our typically hectic lifestyle, try slowing things down! First practice breathing! Click here for an Infographic on how to Bust Stress in as little as 21 seconds.

For the most part, people need to be working in a lot more than working out. Thanks for reading!



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