Fight today. Quit tomorrow.

This is a share from my coaches at Precision Nutrition. I’m going to spin it to how I interpret it, but yesterday’s lesson was all about not giving up. 

I think that right there is oftentimes what separates people that are continually successful in everything that they do and those that are left asking “why does this keep happening to me?” 

Are you the latter? Finding yourself blaming others, maybe constantly fighting fires, argumentative in nature and finding the whole world has turned its back on you? 

Part of that might be that you just don’t work through things well, and that’s okay. You make the decision to do everything that you do (with a few exceptions of course!). You can choose to be proactive. And it’s not about perfection, just working the 1%. 

I digress… 

the whole point of the opening line, is to get thinking about even when it seems unattainable, that mountain is just too high, or that deadline is just too close… all those times you want to give up throughout the day. Power through. Make a commitment to quit after that 3rd set of dumbbell lunges. Get through today. Reassess, and then quit tomorrow if you still feel the same way. 

Who knows… your commitment to not giving up in fitness might spark that proactive nature we’ll talk about more next time in all aspects of your life. The satisfaction you’re going to feel will slowly sneak its way to everything else.

Become a better human, quit tomorrow!


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