Homemade Chocolate! Who wants some?

Alright, here’s a good one for y’all. (there’s my Canadian farm boy showin’…YAHOO!)

Here’s a great 10 minute recipe to fulfill your chocolate addiction with some good stuff!

Raw Cacoa (or cocoa) is a super food. More anti-oxidants than blueberries, highest levels of magnesium in the natural world, and enough caffeine to give you a bit of a kickstart, this food is just a great addition to your heart-health conscious diet!

I made some sweet coconut chocolate last night and thought it’d be unfair of me to not share, so here’s it goes.

Whatchu need! 

Bunch of flaked unsweetened coconut

natural cacao powder

coconut butter/oil

agave/maple syrup

smooth peanut butter

nuts, dried fruit, chia and/or granola

more friggin’ coconut


Whatchu gotta do!

Pre heat the oven to like 300-350 or so… grab a cookie tray and lay down some parchment paper on that bad boy. Sprinkle a bunch of nuts/granola mix on there and toss it in the over for 5-10 minutes.

While that’s going, get a bit of coconut oil… I’d say 3/4 cup or so… and put that down on a pan and turn the heat up on just low. Get a slow jam goin’…

You wanna add some coconut flakes to that oven madly of nuts, fruit and seeds now. But only for like 2-4 minutes… otherwise it burns. No one likes burnt coconut. Don’t be a dick.

The coconut butter should be all melty now, so add like 3/4 cup of cacao powder and maybe 2 tsp of peanut butter (mine was a coconut peanut butter…surprised?) and maybe a few lines of agave and mix that all up over low heat….then add that roasted oven medley in and continue stirring the shit out of it!

Finally, feel free to add more stuff to the chocolate mix in the pan if you feel you need some more nuts or something… I’m not the boss of you.

Get that pan and parchment paper all ready again and lay the warm gooey chocolate down and spread it out over a nice thin layer on the paper… the, go nuts, throw the chia seeds and some more coconut flakes on top cause it’s bomb-ass tasty!

Toss this pan in the ol’ freezer and serve chilled. You now have snacks and a reason for people to be at your home other than to play with your cute dog, Darwin.

You’re welcome. Enjoy!




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