Fact: Diets Don’t Work. Ever. Here’s Why…

Okay, I’m likely going to take a lot of heat from a whole assortment of communities on this one. But it’s true, the “diet” approach doesn’t work. I’ve done it. I’ve even coached it. I’ve remained open to all sorts of dieting practices. Gluten free, sugar free, greens detox, low carb, high carb, cycling, starvation, or I mean.. restrictive calories, that “if it fits your macros” bullshit, vegan, vegetarian, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, omnomnomnivour… you name it. Nothing works.

You might ask… “How the eff do you figure, Schwartz?” I know guys that have lost a lot of weight AND they kept it off. Okay. So far, so good. But really, what’s the key to nutritional wellbeing in my oh-so-humble opinion? Consistency. And even “those guys” haven’t got any consistency. So, it’s only a matter of time they’re be “off the program…”
That’s right. NONE of the above diet solutions, fad or not promote consistency. They actually promote quite the opposite. Inconsistency. Here’s a closer look…

So, you’re on a diet, eh?

You’re either “on” or “off” a diet – there’s no in between.

So what do you think that does to a person’s psyche when they are out and about and not able to eat the 3 grams of protein with 1 silly meal like their ignorant meal planning coach enforced? Do you think that person’s attitude towards eating well changed for the positive, or for the negative? I’m willing to bet (and this I’ve seen) that that person will now be more inclined to eat more shit, because they already “screwed up” that day. Been there before, folks? Of course you have. Don’t lie. One piece of cheese and a glass of wine quickly turns to waking up on Monday still wondering what happened to Sunday. It’s a rabbit hole…

What a messed up version of reality, if you ask me. But I digress…

So… you’re still counting calories and worrying about fat and carbs, eh?

Well, that’s unfortunate.

I mean, it’s not your fault at all. I blame the media, which is basically run by the companies that want you to buy their shit. So, really – watch TV, surf the net, or otherwise follow pop culture and you’re likely screwed. No, calories aren’t bad. No carbs aren’t either. Neither is fat. They’re quite necessary as part of a healthy diet (not THAT kind of diet, diet as in what you ingest…) You require energy from those macronutrients in order to carry out daily functions effectively. No fat? No carbs? Limited cognitive function. That’s right, you fail to process things… cool right? Nope. Zero percent cool. So, what do we do?

Here’s my solution!

Start by building on habits. The key to solid nutrition is nothing more than replacing poor dietary habits with better ones, and that takes time. So regardless of whether or not you’re looking to build muscle, sleep better, improve athletic performance, lose weight or correct an old injury, you’ll need to start small with manageable habits. I’m talking small, small…

Here’s a drill I incorporate with nearly all of the folks I work with. Take one week to focus on just making time.

15 minutes. 2 minutes. An hour.

Whatever you’ve got. Make time and schedule it.

No one will give you time (everyone’s problems are yours, don’t you know…) so if you can start changing your mentality around creating time for yourself, things like meal prep, shopping at Community or Planet Organic instead of McDonalds drive thru, making sure you get to the gym (or your training session with me…) will easily translate when your brain goes into autopilot about thinking about taking care of YOU before all else. But again, that takes time. So be patient. Start by looking at your next week and plotting out time each day to work on you. It can be whatever. Writing, taking a bath, breathing, meditating… Just disconnect and make the time.

Try this out for a week and just see how it goes. Check in with yourself every day. You’ll be surprised at how difficult it may be, depending on how over-extended you actually are. (In that case you’ll definitely want to talk to me… I have some online answers to help solve the problem of setting intention and a healthy foundation of positively, reinforced habits).


  • Diets suck
  • Eat carbs and healthy fats
  • Make time for yourself

Over and out!

Happy habit building!





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