So… You wanna know what to have for breakfast…?

2 fried eggs (sunny side up or over easy in coconut butter)

1 slice of toast (sourdough for the active ingredients) lightly buttered (organic!)

Half an avocado 

Half a can of sardines 

3 strips of organic bacon (turkey bacon is also great!)

Half cup long grain brown rice

1 cup red cabbage


Here’s what you do. It took me all of 10 minutes…

Thrown the bacon down on a pan, cook medium high for about 5 minutes.

While that’s going get coconut oil on another pan and start frying the eggs…

Take the bacon off and dry off the excess grease and pop them on your plate but toss the shredded cabbage and rice mix on that pan directly. Soak that shit up! 

While that’s going, pop a slice of bread in the toaster. Cook it to however the eff you like your toast. I’m not your mom. Just don’t burn the place down. Neighbours frown upon that. Butter it up and cut it in half and out it on the plate cause you’re almost ready.

Eggs are likely done, so get them on the toast. Unless you don’t want a bed of toast to soak up your eggs, but that’s your deal. They’ll likely break and you’ll be sad if you haven’t any toast to soak them up. 

Grab your rice and cabbage medley from the pan and throw it on the plate.

Find an avocado. Cut it in half, long ways. Take a fork and slice out longways a couple chunks to make it look rad. Throw it on top of the rice and cabbage. 

Crack a can of sardines. Take about half of that out smelly business out and lay it on the rice and cabbage like you just did with the avocado. Make it look presentable. Make your mama proud! But then throw the remaining fish in a container, seal it and toss it in the fridge. Quickly wash that can too cause it’s foul. Or let your dog at it. They love that stuff! I’m certain it’s the only reason Darwin hangs out with me… (that’s my dog…)

Once you’ve done that you sit down after you pour a cup of coffee and taste a wonderful mix of deliciousness for breakfast. All macronutrients accounted for. High quality protein, healthy fats and some carbohydrates to fuel you for the day. Boom! 

You’re welcome. 



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