Eff This, Not That: We All F*ck Up. Get Over It And Grow.

Yeah. That’s a vanilla milkshake, cheeseburger and onion rings. Yeah. I’m a trainer, Holistic lifestyle coach and nutrition coach. I’m also a human being.

Even Superman has his kryptonite.

I have been overly stressed, borderline depressed and have found myself often questioning my purpose as I scroll through Facebook or build creative content for social media marketing at 3:45am… like actually. That’s been my life over the past 2 weeks. Not pretty.

Does this sound like you? Are you okay with it. It’s okay if you are. But if it isn’t where you wanna be, you need to identify it, OWN it and find a way out of your slump. Here’s a guide to how I’m going to do it. Starting today. Not tomorrow. Right the f*ck now. 

1. Set Goals!

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Start with these areas:

Personal: What do you want to be? More fit? Learn an instrument, or another language. Set a TANGIBLE goal; something that you can measure. Then pursue it with mini goals EVERY SINGLE DAY! And slap your wrist if you don’t hit it. If you only say you’re an 8/10, you’re giving yourself permission to give up before you even start. Stop that. That’s bullshit. 10/10. If you’re not there yet, find something that you are 10/10 on. It’s the behaviours, not the outcome that’ll get you to success. I’ll say it again: BEHAVIOURS, not outcomes are the path to success. 

Financial: How much money do you want to have at a certain point? More importantly, why? You might be surprised with your answers…

Career: Where do you want to be in your career? Rising to the top of the company? Owning your own thing (like me!)? Find a new path? Go back to school? So many options. Options we tend not to think about… I challenge you to start thinking.

There’s definitely more areas you can build goals in, butninfind these three key to develop your overarching “why” statement. That being, why are you here? 

Without a meaningful purpose to wake up every day, you have no desire to make money to pay bills and get the things in life that mean most tonyiu. For some, that’s family time. Ever think about doing something as a career that frees up more time instead of fills up your bank account? It’s just a thought, but how many dollar bills have you ever seen play with your nephew, making goofy spaghetti faces at each other over holiday dinner (yeah, I eat spaghetti for holidays sometimes… I love mom’s spaghetti!)? Food -ahem- for thought…

2. Schedule! 

Start with this. Set an alarm for everyday. Same time. Work day or not. Aim to be in bed by 11 and up by 7. Why? Your commitment to doing things that are outside of what’s comfortable will transfer into all other aspects of your life. You’ll be thankful. And productive. And into a routine. Also, make sure you wake up softly, not one of those crazy-ass alarms. We will dive into the next step of scheduling next week. For now, get a sleep schedule. Sleep is key.

3. Tell people!

Okay, so now you have some identifiable and tangible goals – A.S.S Goals, I like to say… (Click here to see why I think SMART goals are dumb…) and you’re setting intention of getting up and prioritizing things…. tell people! The simple act of social accountability will help you out yourself on the block for delivering that 10/10. Why? Well, when busy asks you how your coursework on that new programming certification or how learning to do a handstand is going, you’ll probably have a better answer. You can expect people that care (and maybe those that you didn’t think would…) to ask you about how you’re doing on goals you told them about. It’s human nature. We (generally) care about each other. Sometimes it’s because we need others to fulfill our own self-doubt by showing and inspiring us… but I digress… tell the world!

Here’s me:

1. Goals


1. Learn to be fluent in German by January 1, 2018

2. Learn to do a handstand by my 30th birthday, March 2, 2017

3. Get back down to 10% body fat around 185lbs by January 1, 2017


1. Pay off revolving debt by January 1, 2018


1. Expand my affluence as a leader of health & wellness amongst the music industry and speak at Canadian Music Week, by 2018. 

2. Have two published books out by January 1, 2018

3. Speak at a TED event by January 1, 2020

2. Schedule

I have my iPhone bedtime setting on for bed at 10:30, wake at 7:00. Everyday. 

3. Social Accountability 

And now that I’ve written this all down and rid myself of the 8/10 rule, I am 100% committed to achieving these goals I have set for myself over the course of the next nearly 4 years. I will accomplish them by setting myself mini-behavioural goals along the way, as proper BEHAVIOUR is key to finding success. 

Write it down and if you are comfy with it tell me and the rest of the readership what you’re going to do in the comments.

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. Stay sweet, folks.



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