Love, people. Love.

Regardless of your political ideology, whether you identify with sexism, tax crime, bigotry, misogyny or any of the other phrases and statements used to describe him, whether or not you’re American either – let’s get to the core – you’re human. And with that, being human, you cannot deny the power of hate.

I have no more time for this hate stuff and I’d encourage you to accept what has happened in the US Presidential Election and channel your energy for good. This post is half therapy for me, as I’ve found ultimate disappointment in humankind. As a result. I’ve been depressed enough to not get much productivity and it’s severely affected my day to day level of effectiveness. Not cool. Wake up call.

Yes, I’m Canadian. Indirectly, the next 4 years will affect me. In my opinion… not well. However, it’s a situation I am ultimately not in control. Things will happen. Things won’t happen. I am only in control of how I respond to any given situation. Let’s turn my attention to that, then. Right?

That said, I want you to do the same. Collect yourself. Can you do anything about what’s happened. Yes? Okay, do it. No. Okay, don’t stress over things you can’t do anything about. Carry on…

If you’re getting the vibe that I don’t support Trump, you’re right. But I don’t hate people that do. That’s their choice. I believe other values than them. Simple. Hell, I don’t hate. Period. I’m just going to try to look at ways to be an opportunist about the situation us humans are in.

Wait…I think there was a time that I did hate. But then I turned 4…

I don’t support hate.

I support love, and truly believe if we all go around and promote things that we love and people that we love and continue on the path of love.

Please people, regardless of your borders, your identifiable qualities, your beliefs whatever – you’re all human beings. We are all capable of choosing to love or to hate. Choose love.

Move forward. Not backwards.

Love people, love.


Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet, folks.





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