Lose “Dad Bod” and the “Ponch” with these 3 Simple Drills

What activity do you think we all do that just crushes hopes and dreams of proper movement and functionality? You got it. We all sit. Sitting is the devil.

We all do it waaaaay too much. Even if you’re exercising 6 days a week, in my experience, it’s because the other 90% of your waking life you’re behind a desk or in a car or something equally as tedious. Here’s why it ‘effs with your vibes, it messes with your functionality in your pelvis. Unfortunately you’ve got one particular muscle group that gets really cranky when they’re not being used properly. These little donkeys are known as as your hip flexors.

Your hip flexors (or more accurately, your “psoas”- pronounced so-az) lock up when they’re under-appreciated (much like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend…), so when we tend to sit all day, they get sandwiched between your guts and your thighs and cause an abnormally high amount of pretty stupid-serious problems for one little group of muscles including lower back pain, the “dad bod” or “the ponch” and of course pain in the actual hip joint.

I have included my favourite warm up drill to alleviate this problem, but I’m going to make you work for it a bit.

  1. Head to Instagram
  2. Search #CoachSchwartzysHipsDontLie
  3. If you tag me @coach_schwartzy in a post of your best dad bod or ponch and hashtag #CoachSchwartzyFixesHips I will add you to my client roster and program 4 weeks for you completely FREE to fix these postural problems of the hips
  4. Feel free to follow me @coach_schwartzy on IG to get more ridiculous training tips, each and every week
  5. Stop sitting so much! Get up, get on up!

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet!



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