Mom Was Right! You Should Slow Down To Eat

Mom was right all along. “Slow down or you’ll choke!”

Eating is an art. To some, it’s an act of getting as many calories into their mouth hole as quickly as possible. The correlation between this act and the irony of how parallelled their livelihood is is uncanny. If we can’t take 20 to sit, distraction free and enjoy our food – how can we expect to take 20 to sit and enjoy anything else.

Asides from the fact that it’s just a good practice in patience within the confines of the mile-a-minute paced lifestyle we tend to lead, here’s a couple reasons you need to slow the ‘eff down and enjoy your meals.

  1. Lose weight – if you’re looking to lose weight, eating quickly is going to produce the the opposite of that. Slow down so your body has time to process the food and tell you when you’re actually full. Otherwise, you force food down and you’re body goes “Oh shit!” when you’re already full. This is what is known as overeating and an unfortunate factor in our obesity epidemic especially in North America. Slow the eff down! Tricks to help you slow down would be trying to enjoy a conversation with people around you while you eat, putting the cutlery down in between your bites,
  2. Focus on your task at (or in) hand! – take yourself into a room free from distractions. Your body needs time to process the nutrients and work at digestion. If you half-ass it, it’s much like half-ass reading or something. You’ll produce half the results. You aren’t just what you eat, you’re what you digest. Let your body do it’s job. Slow the ‘off down! Play classical music, get off the phone…do your thing!

Those are a couple of my favourite reasons to slow the ‘off down when you’re eating. Your lifestyle might even follow suit.



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