What It Means to Have Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is inspiring others to move beyond it.

-Nelson Mandela

I think what this legend was getting at was something along the lines of if you lead by example, others will follow. I’m a big believer in having courage when facing adversity, and for a long time it was all I knew. Adversity. Constant struggle and obstacles. I’ve been blackmailed, blacklisted and had all the dirt thrown in my eyes. They say if you continue to have the same recurring problem that problem is likely you, right? Well, I’ll be the first to admit I had the consistent 3-6 month itch while in corporate, every 90 days or so trying to find or reinvigorate my sense of being. I would get super into a particular interest, say – music or a new band I would join, and then find myself playing damage control on the relationships in my life – in particular my now ex-wife, my friends, my family… because everyone else took a back seat (see? relationships take a hit too…) to my new addiction. Sometimes that new addiction was a new person. Be it a co-worker I had the opportunity to mentor or train, or a new friend I could associate with on a different level than my current “circle” (often musicians since my now former “circle” was full of a bunch of pretentious, meathead trainers that were convinced they were the shit while they paraded around with their superficial wives and their girlfriends… doing the same old, boring couples dates to dinner and a movie… you know who you are…). it didn’t matter. I was into it! I’d also get sick, randomly. Hindsight tells me my body just couldn’t take my sensory overload and I have since learned through both professional therapy and my own self-discovery that my90 day itch was purely a distraction as to me not being happy with “content”. I crave success and reaching new highs and for me, I have learned that I don’t get that when I don’t have a few projects on the go and feel as though I’m growing- physically, mentally, emotionally in relationships, personal development or professionalism. I’m so fortunate to have had the courage to get myself out of that hole and am happy to say I have mitigated that pattern quite substantially over the past year and a half. I’m not perfect, hell – it took me at least 8 years of my adult life to integrate the habit. I’m only kidding myself if I think I will rid myself of that one overnight…

Simon Sinek, another favourite thinker of mine, known for his promotion of finding your “why” is also quoted with:

“Admire those who admire others.”

When I heard this, my game was changed. Since having adopted this principle, I have the tools to live my life full of courage and with admiration for the good people that give back to their community and recognize and appreciate others. It’s a pretty fulfilling experience.

I guess without rambling I’d just like to recap my point.

  1. Have courage. Do something without fear of what others think. Or fear it, but do it anyways. It’ll set you free.
  2. Have courage. Stay true to yourself. No one cares about who you want to be or who you were. They only care about you. And if you’re not authentic, they won’t care about you. So be you.
  3. Have courage. Lead others with your skills, attitude and enjoyment of life. You’ll attract others like you and with it, more success. “Success is a team sport.” Another Sinek quote to live by….

Here’s a challenge for you. Think you can roll with me? Set a plan of attack for a routine. I want you to think about a daily habit to integrate. Mine will be a few parts. 

A. No junk or fast food. Why? Training for skating and composition. The 6-pack is made in the kitchen. 

B. Bed by 11, up by 7. Everyday. Why? Training. Rest and recovery is vital to proper execution of my conditioning program.

C. Complete the plan for my book. Send emails, get reviews. Get the buzz. Get the hype. Why? So I spearhead the movement of health and wellness in rockland, wonderland. 

There. My cards are on the table. Let’s see yours now.

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet, everyone!




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