Calling ALL Musicians and Industry Professionals!

I’m holding an open request for submissions for all musicians and music industry professionals interested in bettering their lifestyle, or at least reading about it.

Basically I’m looking for an honest review, unbiased and constructive on my upcoming book – ” The Musicians Guide to Surviving the Rock Star Lifestyle” (available for pre-order here) from my immediate circle of influence. You know? People that don’t know me and won’t just say what I want to hear. I want to have a critical review from leaders in the industry; musicians, songwriters, producers, stage hands, tour managers, label reps… the works. Everyone who is anyone in the business that wants to know how to better themselves in the ways of movement, nutrition and mindset to elevate their performance.

Why? Well, this book is a passion project for me. I’m aiming to better the lifestyle of my fellow industry professionals and weekend warriors alike. If we can bring some general awareness towards the importance of health and how it relates to elite performance on and off-stage, I will be able to help more people that need my specific attention. We are trying to spearhead a health movement in an industry that has a reputation for exactly the opposite. You can be a part of this and help to remove that stigma. 

For anyone that provides a review I will gladly offer $100 worth of my services exercise or nutrition and provide you with a copy of the finished product.

This is bigger than you and me, people. Let’s help make you the best version of yourself.

Use the contact form to get in touch and I’ll send you the PDF


Chat soon!



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