Not every egg is the same…

Do you know the difference? I frequently get asked this during nutritional sessions so I thought it’d be beneficial to do a little compare/contrast definition work with the many different options of one of the most complete sources of protein in the North American diet: the chicken egg.

Now, I bet you eat eggs and if you’re like a lot of consumers, you’re “cost-effective” when it comes to your purchasing habits. That paycheque only goes so far, I get it. But I do advise three areas of your life to not go “minimalist” or sacrifice quality over cost. Toilet paper, can openers and you guessed it – nutrition.

When we are talking food, especially animal by-product such as eggs, a ton of harmful radicals can show up in that food source. Why? Well, simply put – the animal has to eat something in order to produce that food source, so you’re essentially relying on the nutrition of the animal to deliver the goods to your breakfast bowl…(did I just hear a collective gasp from the anal retentive control freaks in the room…?)

Yup, that’s right. If the chicken eats shit, you eat shit. (Think about THAT the next time you let your dog “kiss” your face…)

What’s worse is that not only will the toxins of poor quality nutrients show up on your plate too, they’ll be amplified since the time they were originally ingested by the animal. It’s called biomagnification, where in a nutshell, toxins fail to break down as they move up the food chain… it’s science… wanna learn more? Check this article out.

In any case, my personal choice is Organic as the amount of toxic conditions both as far as nutrition and natural habitat is significantly reduced, making for a much more nutrient dense byproduct – the egg.

Here’s the skinny on Organic vs. Standard vs. Free run vs. Free range eggs (in Canada) and support to my belief that you should generally pick organic animal products if you’re into that sort of thing. You know, eating animal things for dietary protein sources.

Click here to do your own research, bucko.

Or if you just want the Coles notes, standard is crap, omega 3 is unnatural, comfort coop is meh…free run is good, they get out of the cages and crowded atmosphere… free range is better because the chickens can get outside in natural environments too but overall, Organic wins. The birds are in a very natural environment, free to eat vegetarian feed in a comfortable and open habitat.

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. Stay sweet, chickies!



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