The easiest of the easy chicken veggie rice bowl

Alright all you “too busy for life” types. This one is for you.

Whatchu need

Couple cups of rice (preferably long grain brown)

Few mushrooms

1 shallot

1 tbsp of coconut butter

1 tbsp of tamari

3 cups (ish) of frozen veggies

Garlic powder, Cajun seasoning

A bit of olive oil

2-4 chicken thighs or a couple chicken breasts


Whatchu Gonna Do

  1. Start by soaking the rice in water and a splash of apple cider vinegar for anywhere from 6 hours to overnight. The longer the better, generally. The way the vinegar reacts with the rice helps to break down the natural defence mechanism in the grain, allowing for the rice to be better absorbed by your digestive system. Once you’ve let it sit for as long as you’ve got, read the instructions on the rice (typically drain it, rinse it, add up the right amount of water, boil it up for about 40-60 min…)
  2. Splash a wok with the oil, turn it up to medium heat and add the mushrooms and shallot to the mix after you’ve chopped ’em up and let ’em sizzle a bit on medium.
  3. Get chopping up the chicken, then you can add that and the spices and get a nice medium heat sizzle going.
  4. Cook for anywhere between 12-20 minutes and add the frozen veggies around the 10 minute mark… depending on how you like the chicken you can go a little bit longer too.  Just don’t have it undercooked. That’s asking for salmonella and that’ll ruin your week.
  5. Rice should be done…Add some coconut butter and scoop a bit into a bowl. Top the rice paddy with the chicken veggie mix and add some tamari to top. Grab some chopsticks and go to town.






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