Musician Mobility 101 – The Simplest Way To Relieve That Pain In The Neck!

As a musician myself, I know first hand how sore my neck, shoulders and chest can get. It just comes with the territory of horrendous posture. Today I am writing part one of a three part stretching and mobility series focused around relieving tightness and discomfort from common areas in musicians. Today we are going to discuss a drill that I picked up a few years ago for the neck from one of the best in the biz, Kelly Starrett. All you need is a spikey massage ball and a chair or a couch to sit on.

Step 1: Grab the ball and place it on the right side of your neck, between your collarbone and your jaw.

Step 2: Tilt your head over the ball towards the right side, so as to stretch the left side of your neck.

Step 3: Spin the spikey ball while applying pressure to your neck. That’s right, push the ball into your neck.

Step 4: As you spin and push the ball into your neck, slowly tilt your head back towards the left to stretch the right side of your neck.

Step 5: Repeat a few times on each side of your neck.

What you’re doing with this drill is helping to break up the scar tissue the years of head banging, sitting crouched over the skins or axe or any other form of shitty posture you may have subjected yourself to over the years has caused. Our neck holds a lot of the stress of the day, so to address that tension is quintessential to relieving the discomfort and help to avoid any further damage. It’s a form of “pinning” and a super effective way to increase mobility in soft tissue by simply hydrating our myofascial tissue. Give it a try and comment below with your thoughts!

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become that rock star.

Stay sweet, folks.


Ps. I created a video for this on my YouTube channel. Check it out here!



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