Me, Inc.

If you’re looking to be treated fair, with dignity, respect and as a true professional – and I’m talking with anything… You should incorporate. Operate as a business. Separate your private from your  public and go at it as a pro. If you don’t set yourself up with high expectations, you can only expect to never set yourself up. Here’s a few things to incorporate, should you choose to incorporate…

1. Learn not to say “no”, rather choose to say “not right now”.

We’ve all been there. Buddy needs a hand moving some stuff and calls you up. Maybe you have a report due on Friday and your schedule is already pretty packed… But you’re a good friend and you agree. It’s only going to be a few hours. Right? Wrong. Now the report is late and you feel super stressed. Could have just finished the report if you had only told buddy you were tied up… But you sacrificed YOU for someone else. Even if it’s a friend, you need to put yourself first. The fact that their troubles are coming down on them doesn’t give them permission to make that rain on your otherwise pretty perfect parade. Alliteration aside, it’s the truth. Take care of you!

2. Plan.

Set an hour aside each Monday on a recurring theme right after breakfast and before you start your day. Plan out all of the urgent and important things and then prioritize the important ones first. Why a weeks worth of planning? Ever had a day get away from you? I have. It’s the worst. If you plan for a week at a time, you alleviate the tendency for “firefighting” (taking on unexpected and generally highly stressful situations that aren’t even your actual problem most often..) because you can make up the time lost later in the week with a Plan B. Keep to your schedule as best as you can, but understand it doesn’t always go as planned. But that big ol’ farm isn’t going to farm itself…

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and just “own it”

Ever had a poor customer service experience? What made it so poor? For me, I find it the worst when the company doesn’t own their good ups. Maybe the product I ordered didn’t come in on time. At the end of the day, oh well. I’m sick of hearing how it was this guy over at head office or the accounting team that didn’t put it through right … Blah blah blahhhhh. I was dealing with you, Joe in hardgoods. You’re the face. Just admit things took a little longer than you had anticipated, and move on. Don’t point fingers. Didn’t your mom ever tell you when you point the finger you’ve got 3 fingers pointing right back at you…? Ownership is a big thing to becoming s true pro. Get into it. It’s healthy. People dig it.

For help with all of this and more on learning mindset please reach out and give me a holler at

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet!



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