Grow always. Grow all ways.

Get into the habit of tuning out those that don’t have a vested interest in the outcomes of your situations. Also don’t get sidetracked by those that aren’t on track themselves. You choose your route, your direction, and heck it can be the wrong one for awhile… but at least it’s a direction.

There’s always going to be someone there to knock you down. Someone to tell you you can’t do it. Someone there just to tango with the resistance that you’ve built up in your head. That’s all they are. The voices that are advocating the self-doubt, the fear of success and the countless other forms of bullshit excuses as to why you haven’t finished that symphony yet. They’re oftentimes called critics. On the street, they’re haters. It’s part of the game. You know you’re at a certain level when other start to care enough to actually take the time to knock you down. I consider it a victory. I’m doing something good enough that my enemies are taking action. I deal with it. I revel in it. So I’m gonna tell you to shut up and deal with it too. I’d rather have a bunch of haters screaming at me and telling me how bad I am than the alternative. I’m the one in the game. I’d much rather deal with all that shit than having to watch from the bleachers. Wouldn’t you?

There’s people out there, some great. Some the scum of the earth; there to coddle you in and use you for a point in time until you’re no longer good for them… Then they spit you out. Chewed and vulnerable. Pay no mind. Get up, dust yourself off and learn from it. Pick better friends. Leave these people in the past. You don’t need them and their draining qualities to shape your future. Rear view mirror that shit.

Ensure you’re taken care of before anything else. Life is not what you get out it, but what you give back. When you can manifest success through that principle, you’ve got it made. You’ll see all those other people that chewed you up and wrote you off still doing what they’re doing. Sure – making good money, but spending it, or living a lifestyle that revolves around the next big thing. It’s a black hole. There’s always going to be a next big thing. It’s those people, not you – that’ll get sucked in though. You know better. You’ve got this.

You have the foresight as a serial entrepreneur to build the walls of your empire with windows and doors. An escape plan so when you get to where or what you want, you don’t reflect and say “okay, now how do I get out of this…”

If you’re a writer, write every day. Singer? Sing every day. Eventually, your commitment, your professionalism and your persistence will pay off. You will get breaks along the way, but first you need to create that opportunity. Without the creation you can’t expect the results. Create opportunity for yourself.

Put a plan on paper. Follow through. If you need an accountability partner, email me here

Remember,  you don’t need to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order become a rock star. Stay sweet, folks!



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