If You Aren’t Losing Weight, Try This.

Weight loss is a fickle matter. Oftentimes I have clients that swear they’re eating the right foods and they’re eating the right amounts and eating them at the right time but still, magically not losing weight. If this sounds like you, I have a quick exercise I would like you to do.

Show me.

It’s a practice Dr. John Berardi coaches in his Precision Nutrition certification on accountability. I for one, have been a big fan of this type of mentality as 99% of my coaching relies on accountability process to deliver the goods (ensuring reliable tracking for exercise and nutrition, food journaling etc.).

If you write things down you’ll see where you’re winning and losing the game. It’s amazing, speaking from experience as I have recently reintroduced tracking to my own program and you really forget about half the little “cheats” you eat or drink in a day. These, added up over time will slow your progress. So, show me. You can only manage what you are tracking, so write it down and we’ll go from there.

Here’s three little generalized tips (from the Precision Nutrition camp) that’ll accelerate weight loss:

  1. Eat slowly, away from distractions and only until you’re 80% full
  2. Incorporate more thermogenic foods (cinnamon, cayenne pepper) into your diet to accelerate metabolism
  3. Drink more water. Often times when you’re hungry it’s actually a sign of dehydration



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