When God gives you lemons…. Here’s the Simplest Trick to Better Overall Health, Strength and Cardiovascular Performance.

Unless you have money to burn you’ll want to keep on reading. Today I’m going to touch on the easiest way to keep your digestive health in check with just one simple trick. Lemons.

That’s right, lemon water is the secret sauce to better health. Why? Well… three main reasons.

  • Lemon juice increases alkalinity in your pH¹
    • This is especially important in a world full of processed foods, grains, cheeses and consumption of certain alcohol types that all increase acidity and throw your balance off. Start your day right and neutralize this out with a big glass of warm water and a quarter of a freshly squeezed lemon!
  • Increased alkalinity helps to retain muscle and keep you strong²
    • Studies show that increased acid load accelerates the breakdown of muscle and therefore accelerates the natural process of aging – that of weakened bones and increased chance of fractures. So as you age, it’s even more important that you have some lemon in your water throughout the day.
  • Drink lemon water and improve your heart health!³
    • The rate at which your growth hormone is produced has been studied extensively. What the research has shown is that alkaline supplementation in the modern diet has shown to improve the rate of growth hormone significantly, and lead to an increased quality of life, reduced cardiovascular risk factors and even improved memory and cognitive function in some cases! Pretty sweet return for just having a glass of water and lemon instead of a morning jo, eh?

Of course there are other ways and I would encourage you to do some of your own study on the effects of alkalinity in your own diet. And always remember to get in touch with your trusted medical professional before starting any crazy new exercise or nutrition plans. This is just one tip I have found that helps myself and my clients balance out the yin-yang from a nutritional side of things. Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet, folks!

1, 2, 3 – The Alkaline Diet – Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health?

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