5 Key Items Every Musician Should Have on Tour

Okay, I have been asked a few times in the past week the same question, so here you go…

Question: What do you take on tour?

Well, it’s a big question, I generally ask a few questions to ensure these artists are referring to healthy choices in movement, nutrition and mindset. And whaddaya know – that’s what they mean….

So, that’s what I’m here to speak to. My top 5 items that will aide in managing the at times – rough lifestyle of the road.

1. Cooler – the size isn’t important (fellas…) it’s about having a place to keep items that need to be stored in cool places / refrigerated until the next town, show or hotel. I like to make it as economical as possible while on the road to save on travel time, pit stops for garbage food and the like. So, go with a cooler to fit all your store bought, healthier food options! For a bit of an idea of what those items may be, check out my video with my friend, singer/songwriter and alternative health pro, Kirby Criddle here!

2. Skipping rope. Stay active at rest stops by doing a couple sets of 100 skips when you’re on the road. It’s going to get some blood flow going, wake you up a bit and stimulate your mind. You might sweat, or get a hit out of breath… so look out. I like the rope because you can tuck it away in the glove compartment. Easy. You can grab one from any fitness store or, one of my favourites is Sportchek. Go grab one if you don’t have one.

3. Travel roller – yep. This will help relieve achy muscles, stiff joints and tight hamstrings. Stay tuned for some videos on how to effectively use this little treat while on the road, but for now here’s a link to see what’s up for the brand I’m a big fan of, TriggerPoint.

4. Gym clothes or active wear – Yep. Can’t make excuses about forgetting your training gear if you have the duffle bag packed, right? Couple pairs of athletic socks, change of undergarments, couple loose fitting tees, some shorts or jogging pants and a pair of running/cross training shoes (we can get into the difference between athletic forward on another post..). I really like my athletic sponsors Lululemon and Hylete for my gear. Great product, great value but you do you, boo.

5. JuicePlus+ – I’ve found it pretty hard to eat as well on the road as I do at home with access to fresh fruits, veggies and whole or raw foods at most times of the day. As a nutrition coach, I’m constantly teaching type, timing and portion size, but none of it matters if you’re not digestion nutrients. I keep my energy up and nutrient intake on lock with supplements from a great, clean brand called JuicePlus+. I’m a representative and can hook my fellow musicians battling the dilemma of processed food on the road. Stop that! Click here to find out more info. I can get you your order world wide and this is a convenient way to ensure your nutritional road lifestyle is  properly managed with only the cleanest, raw nutrient balanced supplements on the market.

Well, that pretty well takes care of it. My list is focused around convenience, economics and functionality. Keys for the touring musician. Remember, you don’t need to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star.

Stay sweet, folks!



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