Slide, baby!

The amount of knowledge I gained in just over 2 years of competitive speed skating was crazy. I’m here to pass on some knowledge I gained about movement that in my opinion goes underrated in most exercise programming; lateral training. That’s right, side to side.

Here’s my top three reasons lateral training should be used in more programming:

  1. Help to Correct Common Muscle Imbalances – Avoid Injury!
    • lateral resistance training helps to engage muscles (like your adductors or groin and abductors, or outside of your hips) that otherwise don’t get as much attention from standard front-back movement. Keeping these guys conditioned helps to avoid common lower body imbalances in joints such as the knee and hip and are crucial for functional movement.
  2. Help to Support Larger Muscle Groups – Avoid Plateaus!
    • When executing a side lunge or side box step up, you activate a different series of neurological stimuli that trigger a different response in the muscles working. Yes, sure you’re still performing a variation of a lunge – a primal movement, but by moving in the lateral plane of motion, you will help build coherence among the entire muscle as a whole unit. This variation is important in coaching your body out of the regular routine which can aide muscular development and help to avoid progress plateaus!
  3. Help to Keep Things Interesting – Avoid Getting Bored!
    • Ever pull yourself up from a set of back step lunges knowing full well you still have 3 sets of that BS left? Or gone for a 25 minute run and 4 minutes in your knees are aching and you hate your life? Well, maybe try a slide board session with me – it’s like skating on ice and way easier on your joints because of it’s low impact nature. Or do some lateral lunges to target the lateral sides of quads… lateral training keeps things interesting by addressing the not as common ranges of motion that will over time land you big gains in your performance, progress and overall success with movement and fitness.



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