On Attitude.

I once read that the professional creates, designs or does only when hit with inspiration. For me, that is 7:30am, every day without fail. I make time to create, or otherwise “get the job done.”

I institute a habit. That is the essence of success. If you build a positive habit, carry it out  will you reach goals that relate to that action specifically, but you’ll start to characterize yourself and embody the feeling that comes from that success. That should be more inclined to generate a habitual outlook on all the things you do in life. Plan for success! Cliche as it may sound, but fail to plan, plan to fail.

Here’s a quick take on attitude.

Attitude is completely self-generated. That means we are in complete control of every situation based on how we shape our attitude. Attitude is a choice. You have to turn on and decide what attitude you’re going to take in each situation. For those who think things come into play by pure luck, you should reassess your attitude. Attitude is synonymous with hard work and “good luck”. Yes, attitude is about being positive. But with that, attitude is twofold. Attitude also needs action. Think it. But then act on it. Make decisions. Attitude is shaped by decisions. Not all of them will be correct. But attitude requires direction and direction is necessary for action. You choose to shape your attitude. When you choose to blame, make excuses, or otherwise find ways to explain why something didn’t happen as you or others would’ve liked, it’s not all those external factors. Bottom line is your attitude wasn’t shaped for success. And that is what sets a professional apart from the rest.


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