Dehydration and Musicians: Why Water Is Your Best Friend

For many of us musicians here in the fine city of Calgary, AB we will find ourselves for about ten days, working 5:30am until 2:30am back to back. Some know it as the gauntlet. Others just call it hell, but to anyone not performing it’s known as the greatest outdoor show on earth: The Calgary Stampede.

One of the keys to a powerful performance consistently night in, night out for any musician often goes overlooked. It’s water! So many healthful benefits yet, why do we as performers often struggle to keep hydrated? Especially before, during and after our performance?

Here’s my top three reasons you may want to top up that water bottle with straight, pure H2O next gig.

  1. Retain Mental Clarity
  2. Avoid Reduced Muscular Endurance
  3. Avoid Physical Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Coma and Death


  1. Retain Mental Clarity
    • as a performer, it’s pretty crucial to be on your “A” game, every game. One of the first really noticeable signs of dehydration is mental clarity. You will become unfocused, “foggy” and slow with motor skills. These things tend to hamper musical ability. Drink up.
  2. Avoid Reduced Muscular Endurance
    • AKA You become slower and you can’t play as long. Hmm.. not ideal for someone that may need to play 3 sets multiple times per day. Drink up.
  3. Avoid Physical Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Coma and Death

Official stats tell us that it doesn’t take much percentage of body water lost to throw the system off. Specifically, only 3% loss before you’ll experience reduced muscular endurance, 4% before you start talking funny and losing focus and at a mere 5% loss of body water you’ll hit heat exhaustion, and run the risk of reduced mental capacity.

Morale of the story. Water is your best friend as a musician. Stay hydrated and always at your best!

For more information on the benefits of drinking water, click here! My friends at Precision Nutrition explain in detail the many benefits of a well hydrated body and mind!

Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you do have to start in order to become a rock star. Stay sweet, kids and please share this article or show me some blog love if you dig it!



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