Why you should worry about how your ass looks

This may cause a bit of backlash, but I’m okay with that. I know I’m ass-king for it….

To be efficient in simple movements such as taking the stairs, running and picking things up you must use your butt. Weird huh? Well here’s the thing. There’s a strong correlation between a nice butt and a functional butt. So today I wanted to give you a few exercise tips to make good use of your butt and also help keep it in a nice shape!

  1. Power step-ups
    • Be sure to get past 90 degrees when able to. When you get deeper in the range, more glute will be recruited along with hamstrings in order to help you get up from that position. It’s essential that you get past 90 in order to effectively fire that butt without relying on your quads or your hamstrings for the whole movement.
  2. Kettle bell swings
    • Explosiveness is key to firing the glutes! A strong majority of the muscle fibres of the glutes are quick twitch. This means you’ll grow more tissue faster if you perform quick exercises. Cool huh? Ensure you’re squeezing your quads and your butt while driving your heels into the ground. Hyperextending your back does nothing but increase the risk of lower back injury. Don’t do that. Instead, think about full extension of your hips coming “up” rather than pushing forward. Pow!
  3. Lateral speed skaters
    • Lateral stability relies on the muscles of the butt to engage in a different plane. This will shake up the body and activate new wiring to promote quicker results. Start off with just stepping to the side if you do not feel confident in landing with the “nose, knees, toes” in alignment principle
  4. Speed skater deadlifts
    • Concentrate your glute activation in the stabilizing (front) leg and you’ll feel a world of hurt in your butt. This is simply from stabilizing and preventing yourself from falling over. To feel this,  without risking death or death-like symptoms, start with just bodyweight until you can effectively hinge from the waist for 20 repetitions on either side without losing form. Then you can add a dumbbell in the opposite hand as your front leg.
  5. Pigeon-Toed Monster Walks
    • Again with the lateral movement to really hit your gluteus medius. Do this one nice and slow without bouncing your hips and chest up and down from stride to stride. This will ensure maximal time under tension for the drill and really get a nice burning feeling going in your keister. Point the lead toe back in so you walk sideways with a leading heel for an extra kick in the ass

Here’s a video from one of my heroes of the industry, Mr. Paul Chek that expands on some of the theories I discuss here. Check it out and be sure to email me at mike@dspt.ca if you have any questions or comments!




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