Results are in!

Okay, I may have adjusted the original plan but that just goes to show what life can throw at you. The original plan was set out last Monday as a 7-day green detox. However, I knew that my weekend had events that I wouldn’t want to escape some of the forbidden nutrition (beer, popcorn..etc) so I decided I would commit to 5 full days and 2 “halfsies” yesterday and today.

My results from full detox are as follows:

Starting weight: 197lbs

Starting body composition: 14% body fat

Starting waist measurement: 101cm

Ending weight: 194lbs

Ending body composition: 12.3% body fat

Ending waist measurement: 97cm

Results over 5 days

Weight: -3lbs

Body composition: -1.7%

Waist: -4cm

Pretty radical changes and really all it took was being more mindful about the fuel I consumed. Nothing else change. Two resistance sessions, 1 sprint session, 1 longer aerobic based ride. I felt great through the whole thing and it will be easier to keep the inflammatory foods I had to pass on through the week, out of my diet consistently.

Goes to show that with a little bit of effort and discipline you can achieve the physique type results you want through adequate attention to what you’re eating.

Woo! Happy Sunday! Go get it, team!

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