The Dudes: Calgary’s Most Authentic and Underrated Band

If you’re a band, musician, singer/songwriter, artist etc… and looking for ways to short cut the scene and “get there” – take it from these guys… You just need to grind it all out. Great article about a truly underrated act in the local Calgary scene, one of my all time favourites: The Dudes.

I still remember the first listen I had of these guys. Hearing “They’re a Comin'” for the first time ever on a burned cd (yeah that happened) from my best friend who told me to check these dudes out cause he thought I’d think they’re super rad…. Danny’s completely unique vocals paired up with laser rock guitar and solid, driving rhythms almost made me put my car in the ditch. I had to see these guys live!
I was first year university in 2006, and Brain. Heart. Guitar. (The album my buddy burned for me) was just out, but no one, only the super fans of broken city (later known as “hipsters”) seemed to know who the eff I was talking about. It was almost exclusively a university student thing. Finally I had an opportunity to catch my first Dudes show at Mac Hall around Christmas time that year. Never looked back. The live show was unreal. Scotty, handle bar moustache and all on drums slamming away with one stick while the other fist pumped the air above his head like a wildman, Danny, and Bob just laying down the simple, yet rockin’ guitars and just making banter like I had never seen before. This was it, I thought. This is what I wanted to do. I saw how such a simple melody, catchy AF, could move a whole room.

After the show I totally fan-boyed out and had them all sign my undershirt I had. (EASY! I wasn’t going to NOT have them sign something for me…) I still think I have that undershirt somewhere, and I will wear it on the day my band gets to share the stage with them…
Basically, I played drums to that album day and night for about a year. I still will play to it. Such simplistic, heartfelt rock and roll. True legends in the Calgary music scene. Thank you, boys. You’re not underrated in my heart.


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The Dudes have been patrolling the Calgary indie rock scene since the release of their first album, Brain Heart Guitar in 2006, yet remain one of Canada’s most underrated bands; a strangely undiscovered treasure in a market saturated by R&B and teen pop stars.  But what The Dudes have to offer is something entirely different, honest and heartfelt lyrics buried underneath hard rock riffs.  It’s the type of tension reminiscent of the young adult experience, constantly trying to reconcile human emotion with the unmistakable urge to drink our f*cking faces off.

12924361_10153396007310776_2999110032164364265_n.jpg Photo by Brent Tyler

The band is comprised of lead vocalist Danny Vacon, guitarist Bob Quaschnick, bassist Brock Geiger and newest member Matt Doherty on drums.  They’ve been on the verge of stardom for so long that it has almost hit the point of parody, as surely someone with their talent and track record are due for a BIG break…

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