Why Dinosaurs Are Extinct (The Jurassic Park-esque ones, anyways…)


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Okay, so let’s set the stage. Here you are, let’s say you’re a blue haired troll… a blue haired troll who just so happens to be a great big fan of baseball. Not just any kind of baseball though. Blue Jays baseball. To match your hair, I guess. Hell, you even have a jersey and a super cool Jays visor! You also have a bit of a problem. Even though you’re a big fan of baseball you haven’t actually got a baseball. You only have a soccer ball…hard to play baseball with a soccer ball, right? Right. But fear not, you’re a creative little troll and you know some people, or rather you know some creatures of the forest. You have three creatures in particular that you can ring up to try to help you out with your dilemma. So you do that. The first one you decide to ask for help, is your pal the dopey looking Dragon. Let’s call him Spud.

Spud is a good friend… kind of a dreamer though. Spud doesn’t really exude a realistic approach to most things when you bring them up. Spud just implies a “If you think it, you can achieve it”  approach to most things, negating the fact that work actually has to happen. See Spud? Right now he’s “thinking” the soccer ball into a baseball for you. Now listen, you and I know damn well that this could go on for an hour. Spud is often times called delusional and I think everyone knows these friends when they’re around. Bless Spud’s soul, but e’s not the answer to you getting that baseball happening anytime soon. Come on, he’s a f*#$in’ dragon. He’s a distraction into your own la la land. Stay focused. Who else can you call?

Enter: The Dinosaur. This one is easy, his name is Dino. Dino is old school. (Of course he is, he’s a dinosaur…) but we’re talking “Set. In. His. Ways.” This guy is the one that tried for several hours to put the wooden CUBE into the TRIANGULAR spot on those play school shape blocks even though the rest of the class told him that it wouldn’t work. Dino is stubborn. Despite his attempts, Dino is also the type of dinosaur that won’t challenge you because he doesn’t want to rock the boat. He’s the type that is so afraid of change himself, that he figures everyone else must be terrified of change too. Dino figures if you try to change things you might run the risk of not being in your comfort zone. Dino is also know as an enabler. He’ll never suggest something that might otherwise hurt your feelings. You need to remove yourself from all the Dino’s in your life. They will hold you back from embracing change, which is crucial to survival. Now, how to get the elusive baseball?

Last shot – Buzz Lightyear. This guy has a proven track record of problem solving and is always there for you when you need him. He can fly in himself and save the day, but generally prefers to challenge you and in doing so spark ideas to help get your creativity flowing. He’s the guy that’ll teach you to fish, not just give you food for the day. So, here he does it. That’s a ball. That ball represents an idea outside of the box… (see that box. It’s outside that box). What I’m going to say now may indefinitely change your perspective towards the Buzz Lightyears in your life. You need to be challenged. Sometimes what Buzz says may sting a little bit and it might not feel good at first, but he’s a true friend and means the best. Keep that in mind when he throws his support and challenges your thoughts, attitude and preconceived notions towards a given situation. His approach might just help you to change that soccer ball into a baseball.

Now, don’t be ridiculous. No one can change a soccer ball in to a baseball. The idea here is in order for you to change, you sometimes need to adapt your approach to life. This applies to musicians and artists overcoming writers block, an athlete getting out of a slump or even a mother a four, trying to kick a nasty habit. These are all personal challenges and the soccer ball just represents what you currently face. The baseball is what you want. You’ll never change what you have without utilizing what you have around you, inside or outside the box.

Thanks for listening.

Side note – this is Darwin. Darwin represents evolution. There’s a reason dinosaurs are extinct.


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