Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition for the Musician

Wonder why you are experiencing brain fog, sore back, loss of appetite or just feeling plain weak lately? Could be the lifestyle you lead as a musician… it can be rough. I know. I’m one.

Common challenges are poor nutrition, inconsistent sleep patterns, substance abuse and overuse injuries as a result of poor form or posture and little to no preventative therapy or warm up. All of these things contribute to a big stinkin’ pile of stress and that stuff kills.


Here’s some common problems and corresponding solutions for you to try if you’re experiencing any (or all) of the following:

  1. Problem – Substance abuse. Let’s be honest, half of the thrill of this industry is in the party lifestyle for most of us. That’s one of the attractive perks of the “job”.. business meetings take place over beers, support your buddy’s band and have some shots before the show with them… you know the drill… unfortunately it’s not always sustainable. Solution – Start to replace the habit with healthier alternatives. Instead of going all night on beers, have one or two socially, then switch to water. Hydration is critical to maintaining a functional approach and that is only heightened when you’re performing. Never mind the cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) booze can increase.. So it might be best to reconsider how much of this toxin you’re putting into yourself (along with any other substances) while at “work”. An accountant, teacher or lawyer wouldn’t get away with it, so treat yourself as a profession. Start to cut it back.
  2. Problem – Low energy. The lifestyle is draining. Weird hours, weird sleeping quarters. Who knows… sometimes sleep is just a sacrifice. Solution – do your best to sleep from 11pm-6pm when you can. This is the optimal time (as according to the circadian cycle) for psychological and physical recovery of the body. You can also try rubbing about a quarter size blast of magnesium gel on your neck. (Magnesium gel is more easily absorbed by the body and helps in sleep aide and recovery. Try it out.
  3. Problem – Back, wrist, knee, elbow, shoulder pain. It happens. Loading, playing endless hours and poor posture all contribute to the growing epidemic of injuries to musicians. Solution – exercise and stretch! There’s a ton of great ways to correct your posture, playing  your instrument with a bit more mindfulness about ergonomics and you can really prolong your playing career! I’m the guy that keeps artists healthy and fit and this is my bread and butter. Please reach out if you need assistance with an injury.

Happy playing, folks!

You don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. 


Ps. Click here if you want tips on surviving the rock star lifestyle delivered right to your mailbox


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