On Ownership. “Choices”

Every situation we face we are given a choice. You are living proof right now. Some of you chose to read this post, some of you didn’t. Some did, but now you are going to stop here. All of these options are fine, as long as you own your decision.

The minute you put “need” over “want” you are implying that you were forced to do something. I’m willing to bet it would be much more accurate for you to say “I want to stay at home”, rather than “I need to stay at home” the next time your friends ask you if you want to join them on a club crawl. You just don’t want to go out. Own it! You don’t need to stay in!  Admit it, that’s just an easy cop out to make you feel better. It’s not really your fault. No, no… it’s on someone else’s hands.


Own every situation you are in, for better or for worse.

You don’t have to be a rock star to start, but you have to start in order to become a rock star. 


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  1. This is definitely something I struggle with. Your post speaks words of wisdom to believing in yourself. You are right, own your decision.

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