Hey Rockstar! Maybe re-think that drink…

Want to perform your best? Lose weight? Have energy? Put the bottle down.

Okay, now I’ve started something. They’re coming to get me for sure. They’re going to lock me up. Who? Well, my main crew of course. The entertainment industry and music business.

Here’s a little research I did on the music industry Kryptonite, booze. The sheer culture surrounding booze is is just one of the reasons I am starting to focus my health and performance coaching towards my beloved friends and colleagues in the music industry to help ensure careers don’t get cut short. You know?

Here’s how many calories you’re pouring  (based on just 4 of each said drinks, which for some of us is an average night or two of work in the music industry):

Pint of beer (12 fl oz) – 612 Kcal

Glass of red wine (5 oz) – 500 Kcal

Gin, rum, vodka (1.5 oz) – 388 Kcal

For a complete listing and to find out your own specific calorie intake of your choice booze, please click here

Now, for starters – calories aren’t everything. They are simply our way of measuring energy. However, in this case they do account for something. Think about the typical time of day musicians will have their drinks. Night time. When it’s the right time. Here’s my argument on why drinking is not helping you lose the belly, feel energetic and otherwise perform your best at your job of creating and performing music.

  1. Calories are required for energy. But when we are taking copious amounts of energy in when our bodies are just chillin’, all those extra energy bits get stored as fat for later use. Strike one on losing that gut, buster!
  2. The toxic element of alcohol in booze is damaging on so many different levels it’s not even funny. How do you expect to perform your best when you’re actually disorienting yourself, toxifying your key organs and messing with your own judgment? I would highly doubt a top athletic performer such as Kobe, Gretz or Ronaldo would down a pint to “loosen up” before a big game, so why is that your reasoning?
  3. The addictive qualities of  alcohol stem much deeper than the booze itself. There’s also a stigma that booze helps us to relax… bullshit. Nothing about stimulants are relaxing. The properties of alcohol include the same as caffeine and energy drinks. The depressant properties might make you feel drowsy, but really, your body is in overdrive, especially your mind… which is likely one of the reasons (along with the bright lights noise and tons of other external stimulants) you’re not falling asleep, therefore not recovering to your fullest each night you have a gig. Talk to me about some performance coaching if this is you

Not to mention how many IT guys, business people, lawyers or accountants do you know skip out for a meeting Monday to grab a pitcher of beer or some baileys to go with their double double? Not too many, likely. And if you do, you probably don’t work with them. Why? It’s not professional.

So why is our job as a musician any different? It’s not, in my opinion. And I am here to help show why other, healthier alternative will keep you playing, creating and loving your passion in music for much longer.

Hopefully this triggers something in you the next time you reach out for a drink on the job. Own your own health and perform your best! This is a very touchy subject for some and I encourage you to look out for your friends and definitely let a professional know if you suspect someone has a substance abuse problem. Remember, you don’t have to go around punching holes in the walls and screaming like an insane person to be classified alcoholic. Addiction is addiction. If you can’t stop or need a drink that is textbook definition of an addict. Get help yourself or be a good friend and get them help.

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