Twelve and counting

As it stands, I was only finishing up my first Finale about this time last year.. ready to head into my first full off-season of speed skating. I had no idea what I was in for. I was met with the most ruthless training I’d endured to date. Hard to believe that I’m just trying to get back into the swing of my own personal fitness only one year later. It’s an all or nothing type of approach and to my knowledge, this trend is very popular in the competitive athletic community. You just give so much for so long that it’s really all that you know to do, sad as it is. But when you’re cut short and told you cannot compete any more, you abandon the one thing you gave so much to for so long. That was my relationship with skating. Thankfully I didn’t go off the deep end…

I fear a lot more athletes go deep into the dark side of depression and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to take in a bit of therapy in a preventative sense to refocus and re-align and not pigeon-hole myself in a label as “Mike the speed skater”. I really consciously had to think of myself as Mike, just a guy who also enjoys to skate. Just like he also enjoys pizza, his dog Darwin, friends and family, watching hockey and playing drums. This was therapeutic. Especially after all of the generated hype and self-generated pressure to perform as the completely unknown, dark horse in a sport I was quite frankly brand new to.

I was able to redefine myself with a few very timely sources and friends, angels really… that helped me land on my feet without even knowing their importance in my life at the time. I am currently compiling the rest of my material to publish my first book, titled “The Economic Mindset” set to release before 2017 with any luck and I have been fortunate enough to land in an incredible rock band, The Sweets to which I feel as though I owe my sense of stability and composure to. Music is a safe-haven for me. Always has been, even when I was separated from it. I didn’t sell all of my gear for a reason. I kew I would be back. And thank “God”, or whatever non-denominational source of inspiration you may have to thank. We have twelve more days before the biggest opportunity and the raddest stage we’ve played together as a group. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Come show your support if you’re in the Calgary, Alberta area April 2, 2016 for JUNOfest

Tickets can be purchased here!

You can catch me doin’ what I do, acting like a fool behind the drums for The Sweets alongside my dear friends, Mitch, Claudia and Kevin. This is where I belong. Twelve and counting….




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