Here’s Why Sweat Will Kill You In The Gym

It sounds crazy, I know. But for a lot of us, this post’s title reads true.

We are slowly working away at ourselves in a catabolic fashion. We are wearing down our bodies with unnecessary physical stress, compounding the emotional and psychological demands we undergo each and every day with punishing, sweat induced blast workouts and in return we see a rise of injuries, inflammation, low energy levels, poor sleep patterns and a host of other negative side effects. Fact: stress kills. It’s rare to find anyone that’d argue that claim, yet some people are still convinced a near cardiac arrest experience in the gym is the fast-track to getting killer abs and feeling fit. I beg to differ.

Instead of begging, (since I was never any good at that…) I am conducting an experiment. One I already have the answer for, but need to compile empirical evidence to see just exactly how well my theory works so I can use the evidence in my book “The Economic Mindset”. That’s right, I already know what I am doing will work. I will actually guarantee your results. I just need ambitious participants to allow my training regime to be the proving ground of my theory. Does this sound like you? Would you rather get great results without putting yourself at risk of unnecessary aches, sprains and the general feeling of death or death-like symptoms at the end of a workout?

Join me in a movement that will revolutionize fitness and promote a healthier way of living and increasing quality of life. I am now accepting applicants for my beta test study on the relationship between anabolic exercise and quality of life. The qualifications are listed below:

Test Group A.

Availability to meet for 1 hour 2x per week in Calgary, AB Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday for 4 weeks

Test Group B. 

Full access to internet connection and availability to meet for 1 hour 1x per month in Calgary or via Skype for 3 months.

If this sounds like you or someone you know please submit a request for more information in the comment section. I look forward to utilizing my training as a concept theory that will maximize results and increase your quality of life.



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