Stop Working Out! Start Using Exercise to Actually Reduce Stress

Today I would like to discuss something in relation to my career as a successful Health Coach that has been consistently popping up, time and time again over the past little while. It’s the misconstrued belief amongst the general public of high intensity, high volume exercise being the be all, end all of results when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape (whatever that means…).

I am here to dispel this belief. Well, sort of. Truthfully, I don’t know if it is the right way, the only way, or if there’s another way that may do it. I am just here to provide an alternative for you to consider.

I would like you to consider not working out! How does that feel? Pretty good, right? No pain on the joints, your muscles aren’t hating you while you climb the stairs the next 4 days at work since you were too proud to let John in accounting beat your 24 backstep lunges per leg in Monday night’s corporate wellness challenge. Yeah. It might feel pretty good to take it easy.

Here’s the thing – 90% of the clients I work with are working in high stress, long hours, tight deadlines and an otherwise toxic work place. Not a suitable environment for them to even consider subjecting their bodies to even more physical abuse after the 9-5. But they continue to do it… why?

There’s been few actual studies, but I’d like to eventually conduct one after I figure out how to make tangible the human mind (if you guys have some insight, I’m all ears!) and the thought processes we subject ourselves too by means of social exposure.

I get it. You burn calories with high amounts of volume of exercise (that’s right, volume not  intensity.. no, folks – by definition CrossFit or anything like that is not technically High Intensity Interval Training.. but more on that in next week’s post…) But at what cost?

See, all stress summates. That means it all adds up to the same pile. A big messy, pile of stress that for most of us, is bigger than the laundry pile we left for the past 3 days. It grows. And grows. And grows. Add high amounts of fast-paced exercises, little rest, inadequate hydration, little to no warmup, stretching or mobility and boom! You have a stress filled cocktail to go with your side order of relationship problems, and three part main course: financial worry, sleep deprivation and that cheeseburger you wolfed down at lunch.

You actually want to start considering alternate methods to conventional exercise. How to build up, not break down your body. I actually just had a client yesterday, let’s call her “Jane” – contact me after our session saying how she forgot what time our next appointment was. Even though she was listening, her body was so relaxed she couldn’t recall.

“It’s been too long since I’ve felt this relaxed.”

That’s pretty cool, eh?

Get my point? We need to stop working out! Maybe not all of us, all of the time but if the cocktail scenario sounds even a little bit like you, you should strongly consider reaching out to me and inquiring about how you can use exercise to better your quality of life. Because, if it does sound like you and you’re not seeing the results and (as I often hear..) you are actually feeling worse about yourself the more you go, something has to change. I am actually hosting 2 clinics for Calgary residents in February here. You should attend.

For the rest of you, my online programming is a great way to get some insight on the science behind exercise. Please use the contact form below to inquire within and request a consultation. Maybe it’s the right fit for you. I am a Health Coach, not just a Personal Trainer. I specialize in helping you manage stress and better your quality of life… that means it is custom to the elements in your life. There’s no one-size fits all. I’m the antithesis to CrossFit, box gyms and the standard cookie cutter workout out that’ll “burn fat, get abs and get a sexier ass”. If it were that easy, don’t you think we’d all be there already?

Please contact me at about how with my help, you can start using exercise and a healthy lifestyle to feel better, look better and reduce the levels of stress in your life!

Here’s a link for you from the CHEK Institute that explores the differences between working in and working out. Please enjoy, educate yourself and share! Paul Chek – Working out vs. Working in

Happy Friday!


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