Take Action Now! 3 Steps to Avoid Being A Doormat

I have a serious problem with most folks’ attitude towards problem solving these days. Please, comment below and tell me if I’m wrong. 

If there’s a problem you’re faced with or if you don’t like your current position in any aspect of life, you have 3 steps to follow in my books in order to efficiently take a productive course of action to remedy that situation. Strap in because it might get a little rocky! Here we go!

1. Identify the Problem! Think logically about your situation then make moves to better understand anything you may not fully grip. The key here is listening, especially if there’s other people involved. Especially if those other people hold relationships very close to you. Don’t eff this one up. 

2. Take a Stance! It’s quintessential to put your foot down once you’ve gathered the facts and determined that you’re unhappy. Take action to guide yourself away from the crap that the situation originally had you in. Oftentimes this just means remove yourself from being involved or simply stating “not right now” (Thinking about the classic fire fighting state we find ourselves in at work… Ie: meeting deadlines and such).

3. Follow through every time! Consistency separates the professionals from the amateurs. If you remain firm about your position, you will start to see a steady decline of unfavourable situations you find yourself in. This is because you’ve raised the bar. You’ve set standards for yourself and those around you. You’re telling everyone around you (politely of course!) to respect your time and your wellbeing. Let’s think about it this way; do you think it’s fair that you now have to stay late because Johnny didn’t file his report on time and has cause a minor delay on the timeline for the project due next week? Probably not. The old you would cover his ass and get it in that night. 

Instead, I challenge you to take Johnny’s report, set it on your desk and tell Johnny that you will get to it when you have the time to do so. Then schedule it for the next available time you have so as not to put the rest of your work on hold on Johnny’s behalf. Meanwhile, Johnny May freak out, lose his mind, go KooKoo for CoCo Puffs and that’s just find. We know now that we are entirely able to control the outcome of every situation we face by however respond. Don’t concern yourself with how Johnny handles the news, good or bad. It’s not up to you. You’re doing you, boo. 

It’s empowering once you break the habit of being everyone’s “go to”. You will feel a lot more in control of yourself. And this trick works for everything you set your mind to. Try it out. 

In closing, I want you to remember this quote and try implementing it immediately:

Action is the bridge between your dreams and reality. 


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