5.5 reasons why you need to make time for making time.

0.5 Prioritize the important and understand that what’s urgent is not always important. Though, some people will have you believe that. 

1. Learn how to say “no”. Or even “not right now” – empower yourself and understand that those same people that mistake urgent for what’s important to you cannot expect their problems in time management time make problems for you. Declining authoritatively will feel great and also help you maintain respect. 

2. Schedule your day. Actually block off all the hours of important things that need to get done. 

3. Stick to your schedule. Should be a no brainer, but the hardest part is sometimes to follow through with your intentions.

4. Sleep. Try for an early rise and early bed. Your body’s clock is fine tuned to the sun or circadian cycle – 10:30-6 is ideal. You’ll feel like a million bucks, increase energy and in turn productivity after the first week or so of transition. 

5. Breathe. Take time every morning to set your intention for the day. Drink tea. Go for a quick jog. Do something other than Facebook, Instagram or tv or emails. Deep breathing has shown to help focus your intention, meditation too. So hit the yoga class or just stretch at home. Find something to relax and get the mind and body ready to tackle life’s greatest battle each day. 

With these 5.5 quick alterations to your current mindset you should be able to increase your productivity, creativity and general happiness. Give it a shot! And if you’re already doing all of this, good job. You’re ahead of the game. Stay tuned for next week where I dive into my specific experience with time management. 


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