Why You Should Never Underestimate the Power of Focus.

It starts way before game day. Way before you get to the line. Before you lace up. Before your first round. You prepare for each competition when you make the commitment to “do”.

For each individual, that time differs. Some are going through the motions and have never really made that commitment yet. Others haven’t even realized that they’re there already . But when you put your chips on the line, raise the stakes and just go for it – you’ll know. And that’s when you will never lose again.

I learned this today, nearly suffering a much worse injury than I did. Lucky for me I heal fast. Also, I learn even faster.

Tomorrow is a new day. It’s more important to pick myself up and keep trucking than dwelling on what could have been today. It’s only me vs. my old self after all.

You’re only a loser when you quit trying. -Mike Ditka

Rest. Focus. Come back a champion.


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