Why SMART goals are actually dumb. 

I’m not here to rant… But I have a feeling that I will. 

Okay, let’s put it this way – if we only ever strive to achieve what is attainable in life, we are completely okay with never challenging the standard. That is a breeding ground for complacency. It’s like getting a “participation” medal. 

We shouldn’t earn recognition simply by being there. It’s not your trip to the old folks home to be with grandma. “C’mon, everyone. It’s important we show support.” Sure it is. But when the heck did gramma give you anything more than an awesome sandwich, unconditional love or hours on hours of recaps of her favourite episodes of “Young and the Restless” ? (sorry I don’t mean to be picking on the elderly, I indeed had two amazing grandma’s – one of which unfortunately passed a few years back…) 

But it stands true. SMART goals are stupid. 

Want to live life? Get ahead? Be YOUR best? Here, lets eff shit up. 

S – Specific: sure. If a goal gets too complicated I guess the theory is that it becomes to daunting. I prefer the “Little Engine That Could” theory. Just keep pushing, one step at a time.

M – Measurable: sure keep it. Otherwise your goal is just a dream.

A – Assignable – no shit. What? You’re going to let someone else do the hardwo….. Oh. Right. This is today’s society. Yes. YOU are assigned to your goals. Go figure. -sigh-

R – Realistic. No. This is gone. This is the failing piece of the puzzle. Reality can’t change if we are only ever content with it. 

T – Time-related. Well. I’m convinced Doran and his henchmen were strapped for a cool, memorable acronym so they thought the redundancy would get overlooked back in ’81 when they came up with this masterpiece. ERRRR! You thought wrong. You probably also thought the mullet was a great idea that went with your neon jumpsuit. 

Of course a specific and measurable goal has to be time sensitive, I’d argue that is how one would measure it’s specificity

So what do we have. An S-M-A

Well I can’t make a cool sounding acronym everyone will remember out of that. Shit. Okay, let’s flip measurable out for standardized. Oh yeah! That’s spiffy. Juggle the letters around. And we got ASS goals. 

Assigned, Specific and Standardized. 

Without an ASS goal, you’re missing out on huge opportunity in both your personal and professional life. 

Thank you for your time. 


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