Nevermind tomorrow! Today!

I’ve got the hack! Must have been a good skate. Haven’t felt this strong on ice in…well… Ever. It just keep on getting better. I was invited back out to Inzell late September, for a week of technical with a private group, so obviously I’m going to do that. Just gotta start a fundraiser. At this point in my career I just need as many eyes and as much video analysis on me and I need to be on the ice as much as possible. 

Today. Big skate session. Thanks to Bobby Irvine for being the chase rabbit. (I’m a firm believer in skating with those faster than you, by the end of the season Bobby, I’ll catch you!)

Warmup off ice – 4x 1’/(1′) slideboard then 2+1darkside cables 30″/(30″)

On ice 3′ easy skate warm up

Then hell – 10x 400m/(400m) 4’R

4x side push glide/leg

Then we ran out of time for the last bit of 10x400m/(600m) Thank Jebus! 

Tomorrow I have weights after a tennis match in the morning, then yoga in the aft. Now I eat, play some mlb 15 and relax. Go Jays!


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