Who told you that it’d be “easy”?

Great thoughts were shared yesterday from a true friend with an absolutely inspiring outlook on life. Things started to spark for me today, as I’m currently pushing through ongoing injuries. It seems as though each week there’s something new. Not crippling. Just there. I’ve come to terms that I’ll remain under 100% health for the strong majority of the next 3 years at least, but the most important takeaway is that I manage. It’s like playoff hockey. Everyone is playing hurt. Whether it’s a physical setback, state of mind or “funk” or just the unwillingness to push through, remaining positive with an optimistic vision on all situations will keep me from crumbling. 

End of the day, I asked for this. So when I have those moments a little voice kicks in and says – “Who told you it’d be easy?”

I’m immediately brought back to reality. 


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